Whether responding to an audit mission within a legal or a contractual scope, Netexco always relies its approach on listening, analysis and synthesis. Accountants of Netexco have an approach based on the perfect understanding of systems and their stakes. It then allows them to address issues of their clients in their entirety.

Legal Audit

Netexco helps you in all legal missions of External Auditors.
The external auditor is supervised by professional  and the mission is defined by the Commercial code.

The legal mission shall include:

  • Certification of annual accounts and consolidated accounts
  • Statutory contributions
  • Police merger
  • Tasks related to specific questions (increasing capital, issuance of bonds, distribution of deposits on dividends, etc.)
  • Transformation audit
  • Audit of special benefits, verification of assets and liabilities, etc.

The contractual audit can be asked by the company or by a third-party to answer a precise need.
Techniques used are very similar to those of the Legal Mission.

It is usually about audits needed in the following missions:

  • Companies Acquisition / Transfer
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Audit of internal control, especially to identify the shortcomings of the accounting procedures and to improve them.
  • Estimation of assets / liabilities